🀝 Submit a Project Proposal¢

The Partnership is a consortium that brings international organizations together and facilitates private sector collaboration for public good, with shared principles, resources, and best practices. ​

πŸŽ‰ We are excited to see your project come to life as part of the Development Data Partnership!

These are guidelines on how to get help and to start with your project. You are now ready to submit a project proposal through the Data Partnership Portal.

1. Access the PortalΒΆ

Using your institution’s credentials, please log into the Data Partnership Portal. The platform is where data partners review and approve.


Fig. 1 Data Partnership HomepageΒΆ

2. Fill out Data Proposal FormΒΆ


Fig. 2 Data Proposal FormΒΆ

3. Review Important Data License Terms and ConditionsΒΆ


Fig. 3 Review Important Data License Terms and ConditionsΒΆ

4. Look out for Questions or UpdatesΒΆ

In some cases, the data partners reviewers would have questins for your teams. So look out for these after sending your proposal.

5. Track Your Proposal StatusΒΆ

  1. Submitted: Your proposal was submitted and the Partneship’s team at your organzanization is reviewing it.​

  2. Under Review: The Partneship’s team at your organzanization approved the proposal, and the Data Partner is reviewing it.​

  3. Pending Agreement to Terms: The Data Partner approved your proposal, and all team members need to agree to the terms and conditions​

  4. Underway: All team members have agreed to terms and the Partneship’s team is working on giving you access to the data​

  5. Completed: You completed your project! and the Data Partnerships team has revoked your access to the data​


Fig. 4 Development Data Partnership PortalΒΆ