🏷 Getting Started with Docs¢

We are delighted to have you and excited to see your project come to life with partnerships for international development!

We bring the power of Jupyter Book to create a beautiful rendition of snippets and notebooks, presenting them like reading a book and improving discoverability and dissemination of knowledge.

Inspired by the literate programming paradigm, the documentation offers a centralized place for references and collaboration alongside with snippets and examples.

Each data partner has a corresponding repository on GitHub with examples and code snippets. In fact, the notebook has a double life! You can either choose work with it directly cloning from the repository or see a rendered page on your browser..

Tips and TricksΒΆ

Have you ever forgotten how to do that trick you desperately need?

Tricks and Tricks section comes to rescue. Here you will find guides and suggestions on how to set up common tools in projects, such as AWS, Python and environment variables as well as curated recommendations of tools to help you with your project