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The Data Partnership maintains several communication channels for you to learn, share your knowledge and connect with others within the Data Partnership.

(Data Science) is a team sport and this really goes out to all the data scientists that are working to make 🌎 a better place

–DJ Patil (Former US Chief Data Scientist)

πŸ“ GitHubΒΆ

Our goal is to have an active and engaged community, thus we invite you to join the Data Partnership on GitHub – a place where specialists, researchers, and data scientists can find quick links, documentation, code snippets, examples as well as open issues and pull requests, start discussions and learn from colleagues by example.

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Data Partnership welcomes your feedback, input and contributions. If you find an issue or a typo or would like to propose enhancements and suggestions, please consider contributing.

πŸ“ SlackΒΆ

Slack offers private direct and group messaging where you can bring up your research and technical questions to colleagues, to our team and to data partners directly.

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If you are staff of a participating organization or data partner, join our community!

πŸ“ Data LabΒΆ

Stay tuned for updates from the World Bank Data Lab!

The Data Partnership is part of the World Bank Data Lab, a community of practice for colleagues seeking to modernize project data practices through learning, networking, and shared resources.

πŸ“ Contact UsΒΆ

Our team is dedicated to understanding your team’s research questions and goals and help connect with the best data opportunities with data partners.

Please feel free to reach out to us!