A partnership between international organizations and companies, created to facilitate the use of third-party data in research and international development.

We are building a platform that improves the security, efficiency, and effectiveness of data partnerships for public good.

    • Template data license agreements and MOUs between organizations save time and resources.
    • Data governance principles guide best practices for responsible and ethical data use.
    • Curated repositories of derived data products, algorithms and resources to get your analysis up and running.

🌟 Getting Started

We are delighted to have you as a Development Partner and excited to see your project proposal! We prepared a quick guide to get you started with.

You're all set!

Now you have access to the Data Partnership Knowledge Base resources, such as data documentation, snippets and examples.

It is important to say that we are not reinviting the wheel; rather, the documentation offers a consolidated place for references as well as details about the datasets, such as how to access, availability, data summary and examples.


  • Availability
  • Summary
  • Getting Access
  • Examples


The Data Partnership is not only about licensing and data, but it is about sharing code, knowledge and building a community. That is why we take advantage of everything GitHub has to offer. You are more than welcome to open issues and pull requests and share your own contributions.

Certainly your team's efforts will be highly appreciated and recognized by your peers.

Development Partners

The following are participating international organizations whose staff have access to the program.

See the Data Documentation repositories curated for each Development Partner, based on their signed license agreements.

Development Partner Data Documentation Package
IDB Docs v0.2
IMF Docs v0.2
WBG Docs v0.2

Data Partners

See the Data Documentation repositories curated for each Development Partner, based on their signed license agreements.

Data Partner Repository WBG IDB IMF
Carto Examples
ClimaCell Examples
Cuebiq Examples
ESA Examples
ESRI Examples
Facebook Examples
Google Examples
Grab Examples
GSMA Examples
Indigo Examples
InLoco Examples
LinkedIn Examples
Mapbox Examples
Mapillary Examples
Mobike Examples
Orbital Insight Examples
Premise Examples
SafeGraph Examples
Twitter Examples
Uber Examples
Unacast Examples
Veraset Examples
Waze Examples
WhereIsMyTransport Examples
X-Mode Examples

Frequently Asked Questions